Is Hospice the place for me?

  1. I returned to a hospital setting a few years ago after a lifetime of raising a family, running a daycare, and managing a women's substance abuse program in the justice system. I was overwhelmed by the lack of patient interaction which is why I entered nursing to begin with. I left that job and did not think there was a place for me as an RN. My recent personal experience with hospice (my mother) has me very interested in returning to work in the field. What courses/classes/materials are available so I may prepare for the certification exam? I got nothing from google except I did find this wonderful site I am a person of faith and believe this would be the perfect place to use my skills.
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  3. by   tewdles
    Good Luck with hospice...we need more dedicated compassionate nurses!
    try this site [url][url].

    Get in touch with the hospice agency that cared for your mom. Talk with them about your interest, they should be very willing to get you lots of info to get you started.

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