Hospice Certification exam

  1. Going to take the exam soon. Can anyone who has recently taken this exam and passed recommend books to study from?
    any and all help very much appreciated
    Thanks in advance
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  3. by   Percy60
    I have found the book(Core Curriculum for the Generalist Hospice and Palliative Nurse) that is available through hpna.org(under publications) was very helpful.I also took a review class.
    Good Luck!
  4. by   Em1995
    I took it and passed with only using the Core Curriculum. I had no time to study and did this a week before the exam...last September. I wish you the best!
  5. by   Hospice Nurse LPN
    I, also, use the Core Curriculum available on the hpna website and passed. Good luck!
  6. by   curiousauntie
    Quote from Percy60
    I have found the book(Core Curriculum for the Generalist Hospice and Palliative Nurse) that is available through hpna.org(under publications) was very helpful. I also took a review class.
    Good Luck!
    What review class did you take? Do you know of any taped review classes available? I did that with geriatrics and it was very helpful.
  7. by   nrcnurse
    I used the Core Curriculum and a review class was offered at work. I found the test was based more on my experience than any of the materials I studied.
  8. by   pammyf
    i just took the exam yesterday. it was definitely not easy.
    Your experience is key to passing.
    the study guide questions is the most helpful way to study because then you can see what you may be weakest in and focus studying those weaker areas.
    there was only one calculation for med out of all the questions
    the study time will vary. i casually reviewed over the last week. maybe 12 hours worth
    good luck
  9. by   hospicemom
    I have been studying using the core curriculum, study guide as well as the flash cards. I take the test in two days. I am not sure as to what to expect but I am getting a little nervous. I have been in hospice about 4 years and took the online sae as well. Crossing my fingers!!!! Any reassuring words would be greatly appreciated!
  10. by   pammyf
    Your 4 years should provide you with a great knowledge base in order to pass. I can give you this advise:
    Use the sequel to the core cirruculum test questions book. There are about 400 question, mostly multiple choice. Take the time it takes to do the tests, place abcd on a peice of paper. Mark the questions you got wrong and study the rational. Note any inconsistency or weak areas. Focus on those areas. For me symptom management and pain management idt issues, eol issues were no brainers because I utilize these principles in work. Some of the ethics concepts (or the definitions) were new to me and disease process stuff i needed to review (not to pass so much as to feel confident going into the test). For some reason they focused alot on mouth care and the questions were twisted and ALS was the disease they also focused on. When I was taking it I felt like it was more of a vocabulary test then a test to measure hospice knowledge. I have not an idea on how many fail it, but I think after 4 years you will do great. The only other thing you can do is pay 30 dollars and do the practice test on line (the test center offers it) and I did this and was pleased I did since the format is similar. BRING EAR PLUGs if you are going to an office builing. My test was in the HR block office, and as it is TAX season it was actually quite noisy. THey did not let me bring in even water or my banana bread so i gobbled it up and went out 2 times during the test for the BR and water. The best advise is: stay calm and have a nice sleep prior to it.
    Hope you do great.
  11. by   hospicemom
    Thank you for your kind words. However, I did not pass. My score was a 97 and 98 was passing. I also had a lot of ALS questions as well as superior vena cava syndrome and spinal cord compression which unfortunatly I have not had in the years I have been in hospice. There were many questions regarding QAPI as well. I have already rescheduled my exam and will be taking it again in june. I also felt it was more a test on vocabulary. Many questions about mouthcare as well. It was not at all what I was expecting however now I certainly know how to study for it the next time around. Studied my butt off on the medication converstions and what not....one question regarding that was on my test. Frustrating! Tough test.
  12. by   pammyf
    1. bummer!! so close but too far!
    2. hey, sorry about the red.
    3. cannot get out of it!
    4. you can pass it for sure after all your experience with it first time around.
    5. i know what you mean about the strange questions like cord compression. i think we had the same test! superior vena cava syndrome i have actually dealt with.
    6. the very best of luck next time. i think for me the test questions in the prep book helped the most.....pf
  13. by   hospicemom
    hey, thanks for the support. I am hammering away on that study question book and everything else I have. Thanks again.
  14. by   Alexis33
    I got a 96 and had more questions on Oncologic emergencies and generic meds along with hospice eligibility. What did you use as a study guide. I used the core curriculum but most questions were around home care patients. If you want to study for retake drop me a line at areasontocare@live.com.