Foley Care in Hospice

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    Wondering if anyone knows of any evidence based research re: foley catheter change protocols/ recommendations? We currently change foleys/ suprapub. cath. every month. I know this can be uncomfortable for some patients and was curious what research has been done/ if any. Or what other hospice policies are.
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    Back in the day when I worked LTC, we also would change monthly. But in hospice, we look at the catheter, if there are any problems (leaking, pain, need for flushes, increasing signs of mucous in the bag) and if the patient is comfortable and has no signs of infection, we pretty much let it go as long as possible. We change the bag more frequently, especially with staining of the bag as the families will get upset, thinking it is the urine color. Some meds just stain the bag and tubing weird colors (purple is my fav!).

    Sorry, no evidence based research, just what we do.
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    Thank you for your response. I agree completely! Unfortunately, my director will not change our company ways unless I can show evidence based research. And she believes that caths should be changed every single month. I do not know how to convince her differently without providing the research.
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    AACN Updates Clinical Guidelines to Prevent CAUTIs

    this may be a good place to start.

    we used to change foleys q30days in the home, but have moved to only changing if there is a problem.....

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