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    Do you have any links to good articles that show how dehydration is NOT AT ALL painful? In fact patients receive a euphoria type feeling. Any good advice or articles to help educate facility and staff?

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    Have you searched the subject in the professional literature? I am thinking that there was an article on hydration last year in one of the journals. Sorry that I cannot be more helpful than that...
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    I did search and found a few. I have a very difficult facility that is very hard to deal with. the nurse stated "That family needs to be educated that not eating causes the patient severe abdominal pain" Sigh..
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    From the Hospice Foundation of America:

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    Quote from Diane-RN in Michigan
    From the Hospice Foundation of America:


    This is exactly what I was looking for. If the patient is pushing away the food, I think its wrong for them to force them to eat and shove food down them.

    Its so simple, if eating made them feel more comfortable, then they would eat! Offer it to them each meal and if they don't want it, then respect their wishes.
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    Hi All! Recently, the hospice I work for purchased a video call Dying Wish for the staff to watch. It was very good and shows exactly what you are wanting.


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