Ensuring the delivery of high quality care in hospice setting

  1. 0 Hi everyone
    I am Registered nurse applied for a job in a hospice, they confirmed my interview but ask for a ten minute presentation " Ensuring the delivery of high quality care in hospice setting".
    I am a bit confuse on this subject as it is so vast, how to put it together and condense it
    Any assistance will very much appreciated

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    I would break it down into five topics and talk about each one for two minutes. Comfort of the pt, communication between team members, time management, and thorouogh documentation. I would close with the comfort of the pt though. Since this is the primary goal of hospice it should be the final thoughts you leave them with.
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    Thanks for your comment. I am preparing similar way of presentation so I am on the right track.
    Thanks again
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    Whoa---that's intense! Sounds like you have a great plan. I would also make it a point to emphasize the importance of family centered care. In hospice, I've found that the family members need as much support and education as the patient---sometimes more! Also, even though their relationship with you as the nurse typically ends when the patient passes away, other members of the IDT will continue to work with the family providing bereavement support. Please report back on how the interview goes---wishing you lots of luck!
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    Intense that's the word which describes it.
    I started with explaining hospice and its goals then divided the key points into four sections.
    1.Patient and family centered approach
    2.Effective team work and environment
    3.knowledge and skills
    4.standard guidelines and protocols
    and completing with evaluation of outcomes and vision for the future

    Still not sure though if this is what they are looking for.
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    I think that sounds great! Good luck!
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    well a big thank you to GundeRN and mother_matters for the feedback and positive comments.
    just to let you know that i got the job and my presentation was well liked by the panel!
    thank you both xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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    Fantastic news, Ahmedkhan! Looking forward to sharing in your hospice journey with you!

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