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I need a little help here. Have spent years as an ED nurse and now find myself caring for my mother with end-stage COPD. She was placed on hospice 2 weeks ago and we have been told to push the oral... Read More

  1. by   rthmfn
    When I treat COPD pts in my hospice care, I alternate Ativan and Morphine. Most pain has an anxiety component and most anxiety has a pain component. This adjunct therapy is highly efficacious. I feel 0.35 ml of Morphine q1h is high to start without terminal aggitation and/or evidence of air hunger. Definately within safe range however, I have learned to start slow unless indicated otherwise. In hospice, we never truly can judge when someone is done, and until I know that I know that I know that I know, I prefer to leave the pt wiggle room to back out a little and process further if need be. Such a fuzzy art, the art of dying.