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Hi, I have my scheduled test date for mid June and was wondering if anyone can recommend a place to get practice test questions, or would anyone be willing to share test questions they've used for this exam? I am currently using... Read More

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    Thank you so much Lykeen!

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    Hi All,
    I just started studying the core curriculum and study guide today. I am waiting for my employer to send in my application so I can schedule a date, but I am hoping for June. Does anyone know how many questions of the 150 you need to get right to pass?
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    Hi Stella - I am looking at my score report right now. There are 150 questions total, however only 135 of them are actually scored. There are 15 pretest items for future tests that are not included in the final score. Different questions may score different points. According to my score report (9/18/12), you need a passing score of 101 correct answers or 75 scaled-score units.

    If you read (& comprehend) the core curriculum then try the questions in the study guide, you should do just fine!! I did find a lot of the material familiar, however, I certainly learned quite a bit too. Wishing you passing success!! Good luck
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    Mine was the same last month, you needed 101 to pass. I used the core curriculum and the study questions and felt I was well prepared. It's been a long time since I've taken a long test like that, so I think that was the hardest part.
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    Thank you! My test is June 28 so I better start studying!
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    I have the second editions of the HPNA Core Curriculum and Study Guide. Does any body know if those will be current enough for a 2013 exam?
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    Hey I'm scheduled to take the test in September. Does any one know where I can get the core curriculum and study guide from and which one is the best one.
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    Go to
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    Whoops. Meant

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