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I am an RN (20+ years) who has finally decided to take the plunge and pursue hospice nursing. I am currently doing private duty nursing, and I plan to stick with my little guy until he doesn't... Read More

  1. by   TammyG
    The credentialing authority did add a work requirement for the test in the last two years or so; previously there had been none. The requirement is: "Applicants must hold a current, unrestricted registered nurse license in the United States or Canada, and must have 500 hours of hospice and palliative nursing practice in the most recent 12 months or 1,000 hours in the most recent 24 months." I am not sure what they do to verify. Presumably, like other certifications, they spot-check with audits.
  2. by   westieluv
    I just renewed my certification in 2016 and they specifically requested to know how long I've worked in hospice/palliative, how many hours I have worked in hospice/palliative in the past few years, if I'm still working in hospice/palliative, and contact information for my employer so they could verify.

    Honestly, I think there should be an experience requirement for any kind of nursing specialty certification. If it becomes something that just anyone can get by rote learning and memorization without actually having worked in that specialty, what good is it, really? I probably could have passed the exam by studying hard and memorizing content before I worked in hospice but the knowledge that I've gained from working in hospice before I took the exam and since is what has made me a valuable hospice nurse, not an exam.

    BTW, they have really changed things up since I first got certified in 2012. I'm not sure if initial certification still consists of taking an exam, but to get recertified you have to provide evidence from a combination of areas such as working in hospice/palliative, having an allotted number of continuing ed hours in hospice/palliative, and any teaching and/or management experience in hospice/palliative. I think the fourth area involves having done writing or any other kind of media production related to hospice/palliative nursing, but I could be wrong on that one because I just used a combination of the first three. You have to accrue so many points in at least three out of those four areas, if I remember correctly. It is not easy, an exam would have been much easier.
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  3. by   TammyG
    Almost all of the big certifications these days (OCN, WOCN, CCRN, CHPN) allow you to recertify via either re-testing or a combination of experience/education. And most require a minimum of hours in the field. I am semi-retired now and worried about getting enough hours to qualify for my certification next time!