On call hospice nurse! Scary! - page 2

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It's my first week of work and they want me to be the on call nurse... What do i need to expect? What's the usual reason of patient's call and how to answer a call? What do i need to review?... Read More

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    You are so right, Westieluv...on many counts.

    After several years of hospice nursing, mostly in case management, I am now three months into an on-call only position. I was very impressed by the fact that a company would respect their case managers enough, to take the extra-heavy burden off of them, by hiring on-call only nurses. It is working out well, but does require flexibility and a good attitude! I always say I'm on call for God. When He calls me to go, I go. However, I know He wants me to be safe as well. It is a hospice nurse's dream to actually be available for when the patient's need us.

    I sent you another reply under CHPN topic too. I appreciate your dedication to helping out all of us other nurses, with good, solid, practical advise. Keep up the good work