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  1. Hello everyone!

    I have been an RN for 2 years and have not yet found a regular job. I have been "working" for a non-medical home health care agency for a 1.5 years now and they are not doing well. As I was looking for work, I figured I better contact them and make sure they still considered me an employee. Turns out, they still love me, and they'd love to give me some work, but they just aren't finding customers. I feel really bad for them. They just had their second kid and they are lucky if their business ends the month in the black. I have offered to help market, maybe RN BSN on my badge will pull a little weight with customers.

    but I have NO idea what I'm doing. I am currently making a list of addresses to visit and see who I can talk to. here's a list of people I'm planning on targeting:

    funeral homes
    Dr. offices - not sure what kinds of MDs I should see.
    Estate planning
    Long term care insurance
    out patient surgery - who gets geri/workman's comp clients?
    discharge nurses
    case managers
    residential homes (CCRC)
    nursing homes/LTC
    Professional organizations - where to case managers or PT/OT meet?

    Re: finding addresses
    Some of these have been easy - CCRC, nursing homes, insurance providers. google will usually provide a list of 20 address if you look up "CCRC [TOWN]"
    but what about stuff like types of professionals, MD offices, or non-hospital surgical clinics? I feel like I would be just as efficient driving around looking at store fronts as using google to get a list of addresses!

    Re: strategy
    Do you have experience with any offices that make non-medical HH referals? What needs do they need filled? How can I make their job easier?
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  3. by   KateRN1
    Try home health agencies that only offer skilled care. Their patients often need non-medical care (sitters, homemaker help, etc) and need to have a list of places to refer out. Our agency collects brochures to give to patient who are in need of this kind of help.

    Primary care doctor's offices are useful as well, especially those who accept Medicare/Medicaid. Let them know what kinds of support you provide, your intake process, and ask what kind of follow-up they expect, if any. Most don't want follow up if you're non-medical.

    Area councils on aging are also good to market to, they are often in control of nursing home diversion programs and keep a list of referral agencies that provide homemaking services and other non-medical care.

    Will post again if I can think of anything else.