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  1. Hello I am a Registered nurse in PA and I have succesfully operated a supplemental staffing agency for 5 years and recently obtained my licenses in PA to operate a Home Health agency. Here is the problem I do not know how to become an insurance provider, bill for services, receive payment for services from insurance companies. Does any one know? I understand I must provide services and be surveyed by state to begin the medicare process but how do I do this with private insurance companies?
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  3. by   4evernrs
    I know that when our agency decided to begin accepting private insurance, we contacted the insurance companies and inquired as to becoming one of their "providers". Generally they will ask you to agree to a rate schedule and sign a contract. They will also ask for copies of your licensing, insurance, etc. Hope this helps!
  4. by   caliotter3
    Good luck with your endeavor.