Staffing agencies for home care in Detroit area?

  1. I'm thinking about quitting my Home Care intake job (45 hrs/week, salary blah,blah, blah...) and doing an intensive online RN-BSN program with WGU. The problem is that I can't start the program until April 1st. So, I want to do some home care agency work for just a few months. Does anyone know of a company in Detroit area that staffs home care companies?
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  3. by   TiffanyRN!!
    I would love to know as well. I am completing a MSN FNP program with Walden Univ and would love to find a bigger HOme care company. I am currently with a small, very small company and sometimes I have no patients. I am from Detroit as well and a WGU grad class of 2012. I finished in 5 months while doing home care so it is doable. Good luck!!
  4. by   paradiseboundRN
    Not sure where you are located but I can tell you some large home care companies that usually have patients and need nurses. Trinity Health (Mercy Home Care and Hospice) in Pontiac and Reverence Home Care and Hospice (formerly St. John Providence home care) which has its largest office in Mt. Clemens. I had no luck finding a staffing agency, so I decided to just wait the 6 weeks and tackle WGU full-time. FNP sounds interesting. What are your plans after you graduate?
  5. by   miteacher
    I am applying to Walden. How do you like the program? I am also from Metro Detroit area. What do you think of it?