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  1. It is no secret I am really miserable in HH/Hospice. I do actually like hospice, but its the expectations and the way my company is run that gets me. I am having a feeling I am going to have to be facing my boss very soon and need some true informed views on my situation in HH.

    I work with hospice and palliative care section of our company. I get the worst of the worst patients. My case load is over 20 now and with many indigent cases and complex cases. I am expected to see 20-25 patients a week, including 2 SOC and whatever recerts I may have. I fully case manage my load. My patients are in and out of the hospital every week who are on palliative care, so you can imagine the paperwork with those. Some are actively dying with a need every 10 min.

    I cannot for the life of me get everything done in my 7.5 hour day, and it is expected that I do. I have pretty much given my life to this job. When I am on the road and in patients homes I get calls from our secretary constantly with an issue a patient is having, and I can't be in 2 places at once, I don't believe I should be calling when I am with a different patient. I have absoutely no support in the office. No one to triage the calls, my supervisor/director won't do it for me while she is sitting there, she tells the secretary to call me even though she knows very well I am out on the road seeing patients. If I actully have a 4 visit day like its supposed to be, it ends up being a 5 visit day because what am I supposed to do if these patients are having an emergency and there is no one there to see them during the day, hence me getting no paperwork done at all in my day.

    I am actually hoping to get fired, but i was told by a coworker that they won't, they will make my like miserable first, and they are.

    I wonder what happens when my boss (I am behind in paperwork and she wants to meet about it) and I meet and I say "I am doing all I can, and I have no more to give, and I refuse to give up anymore of my own life, so the decision is yours"

    I am going to give her an ultimatum. I can't go without a job, I'm a single mom, so quitting is out of the question. I have a few opportunites in limbo, one is my dream job, I am almost done with the interview process, but they have put a freeze on hiring while they are building their systems because they are rapidly growing, I've been waiting since novemeber..... I'm trying to get a job back in my old hospital per diem, because I can't work shift work consistently with my daughter.....

    So......when I state my case with her she tells me I should be able to do it in my regular 37.5 hour work week, but if you talk to any other nurse in the other districts, it doesn't nd they are all miserable. And they have very nice good bosses are act like supervisors and don't have the difficult hospice/palliatve cases.

    That's a along one, sorry, I just need to prepare for this talk.
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