On Call pay???

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    How do you get paid for on call? Do you get paid hourly/per visit or a bonus and how much. Our Adm. will be reducing our call out pay so we need to know how others are paid.

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    $25.00 weekday call (5p-8a) per visit if any visits made
    $50.00 on sat and 50 on sun, per visit if any visits made
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    The agency I currently work for does call for a week at a time, call pay is $350.00 for the week, whether you do any extra visits or not (we usually do have some evening IV visits or unexpected extra visits)

    The last agency I worked for paid $1.50 an hour for carrying the beeper during call hours and time and a half for call visits done before 11:00 p.m., double time for anything 11:00 p.m to 6:00 a.m.
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    $2.oo/hr beeper pay for 4:30p to 8:00a. $45 to $65 a visit (depends on type of visit) plus mileage to/from visit. We are salary FT days and we take on-call every 5th-6th weekend, plus an occasional week night.
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    Does any one else think we should get paid what nurses get paid in hospitals for being on call?($5 or 6/hr and time and a half for visits)
    I get $25/day and regular pay for visits, which rarely happen.But I have to stay in a certain geographical range, and not drink, and I can't go for a swim (in the ocean)or go anywhere out of cell phone range.Its a huge pain in the @$$ and completely not worth the pay.
    We rotate every 4 or 5 wks and are OC for a wk at a time.
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    Where I work we do get paid what the hospital nurses do and yes I think you all should. It is a shame that HH/Hospice nurses are treated like the red headed step child. I work for a hospital that requires membership to the union and it sure helps with pay. We get $4.50/hour to carry the pager and 1.5 our regular hourly wage if we are called out. We are garunteed 2 hrs and get milage. I'll bet none of the hospital nurses are expected to get up at 2am, drive 40 miles, take care of the pt and then work a full shift the next day. We desrerve that pay!
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    Correction:We get $37/day not $25 and we do get time and a half if we go in the field(no minimum that I'm aware of)...Either way, its not exactly bringing home the bacon!!! And union contract negotiations are currently underway.
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    Management went out of town for a "Seminar" for over a week. Needed someone to take call...I was delegated, but wanted to be reimbursed. They are all salary, so...I'm getting 10.00 weeknight from 5pm-8am and 30.00 weekend day. I was wondering what the "going rate" was out there. We get $.35/mile, $30.00/visit. Some days a visit might be 50 miles away (in our rural areas) as most are. Average daily miles can be as much as 130miles. Just curious as to what the rest of you are getting. Irregardless this is so much better than hospital and nursing home work...half the hassle and so much less politics.
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    I'm just not sure it is worth all the hassle we go through. Lately we have to work 2 weekends a month and 1 night during the week on call. Our suppervisors are salary and have no sympathy, even though one of them did work as a HH nurse but over 10 years ago. She keeps telling us how bad it was when she worked the field. I havent told them yet but I am looking for another job. But there arent many now so stuch for a while.
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    I know this post is from a few months back, but I want to throw my hat in the ring. On call at my office is split between myself and my (awesome!) RN coworker. We have six nurses all together, but its the two of us trading call every week. Call pay is $25.00 a day, (including weekend call) straight time for all visits. Woohoo:icon_roll

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