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Nursing Discipline- Board of Nursing

  1. 0 I have to meet with the Board of Nursing regarding an anonymous complaint back from 2 years ago. All HR records from all my employers were requested. Not sure what to expect.
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    I've read that it is considered wise to have legal counsel accompany one when summoned before the Board. That is supposed to be what that clause in your malpractice insurance is for. I certainly wouldn't go before the Board without my attorney tagging along.
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    I second that. The BON is NOT the nurses' friend. They're out to protect the public first and foremost; the nurse's interests are considered second if considered at all.

    You could be as innocent as a newborn baby, and I'd still tell you to take an attorney with you if you have to stand in front of the BON.

    Best of luck with this.
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    Someone correct me if I am wrong, but the complaint won't be so anonymous once you get there. You have a right to know who is accusing you and of's the only way you can defend yourself.

    The Board is also going to look at why it took so long for someone to come forward.
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    The American Association of Nurse Attorneys
    can provide you with information on those attorneys who specialize in malpractice to represent you and protect your rights before board of nursing.
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    Quote from nancynurse227
    I have to meet with the Board of Nursing regarding an anonymous complaint back from 2 years ago. All HR records from all my employers were requested. Not sure what to expect.
    Did I mention I am a single one income family with no funds for an attorney? They said it is an informal meeting set to decide if a hearing will be necessary.
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    Would taking an attorney make me look guilty?!
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    No, taking an attorney would show the Board that you are not about to be pushed out of your livelihood so easily. Look around on this website and you can find instances of people posting that they wished they had an attorney with them when they went before the Board. Go to the nso dot com website and read the case reports presented there. Why won't they tell you what the problems are if there is nothing to it? There is nothing from the Board that is a small matter. The only legal advice we can give here is to advise you to seek the help of an attorney. Check with your local Bar Association, (in the yellow pages), and get hooked up with their Modest Means Panel. The initial visit should cost $20 or $25. TAANA might be able to provide an attorney who will assist within your means to pay. Use the legal benefits from your malpractice insurance; as stated before, that is what that coverage is for. Good luck.
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    Agreed. If the BON is actively getting involved, then it's not "nothing." And the fact that it's informal doesn't mean that lawyers aren't welcome.

    Yes, having to pay for an attorney can suck especially when you don't have the money to spare for it. But having disciplinary actions on or possibly losing your license sucks even more because your future career and income are affected.

    Again, good luck whatever you decide.
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    Quote from nancynurse227
    I have to meet with the Board of Nursing regarding an anonymous complaint back from 2 years ago. All HR records from all my employers were requested. Not sure what to expect.
    I've had the displeasure of dealing with the BON in this capacity. I found them to be very professional and concerned about my well being as well as doing what they needed to to ensure that I was safe to practice. Maybe I just got lucky, but it didn't seem like they were out to "get" me. And if the complaint is two years old, I can't imagine that it would be THAT serious, or they would have gotten to it a little sooner.
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    was yours to do with an anonymous complaint? I heard the board only has 2 years to take action on a complaint. I actually told them whom I felt made the complaint. I wonder if they would have tried to make contact with them. Im sick over this.
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    Mine was d/t complaint that was not anonymous. I knew who and why. I had the right to know exactly what the complainer said, the investigator read the person's statement to me. I don't know how anonymous complaints work. I imagine there'd be less credibility to them.
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    I would be a mess too. In fact about a year and a half ago. I was new to home health I took labs from a patient of another nurse. Results came in the next day, Hemoglobin was 7.2. Lab company did not call me or the MD for a critical lab. Once I saw the lab I called the MD asked his receptionist if they received the lab but did not tell them the value. Of course it was a Friday. Monday AM wife called and was upset because when he went to the MD office on Monday and the MD then read the lab sent him right to ER for transfusion. MD called my office and yelled at my boss. Why was he not told on friday of the value. Patient cancelled all services. She also wrote a nasty evaluation of our company. I do not think she called the BON but she might have. I do have malpractice insurance. Good luck with your situation.