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  1. Hellos nurses... I have a questioms.. tomorrow i have a new patient im covering a nurse whos going on vacation for a week. Ok so this is the thing, she told me that the patient usually doesnt eat at night so she always puts lets insulin than the doctor orders , and depending on the blood sugar levels that i should evaluate how much to put, i didnt want to tell her that i was new because i can lose the patient. Please tell me what i should do, the orders are ... Morning humulin 70/30 25 units and at night humulin 70/30 15 units & lantus 70 units.... How do i evaluate? Im new at this...

    Ok so after following the advice of a very nice and im sure that is a great nurse. I called back and asked the nurse what she usually administer to the pt... She told me that he lives alone and that he almost never eats at night so she didnt administer humulin 70/30 ... She only administered lantus and a lower unit....

    Also if you have any suggestion to a new nurse tips and tricks are all welcomed !!
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  3. by   Sterlink
    You shouldn't ever make a decision on that. You need an MD's order. If an order is for so many units of an insulin, that's what the pt should get. If you're concerned about the pt becoming hypoglycemic in the night, assess the situation and contact your RN or MD. If this pt isn't eating at night, maybe he should get long acting insulins in morning only.