MRSA in home health

  1. I am a DON at a private HHA. We have a client with ACTIVE MRSA in her foot wound. So far my administrator thinks standard precautions are okay. I drafted a policy and procedure to use contact precautions. However, now the administrator says we can reuse the PPE the yellow disposable gown and she will not buy the dedicated equipment (single use BP cuff, etc). I don't want my nurses getting MRSA or spreading it to other clients. How does your agency handle these types of cases?
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  3. by   NurseJoy33
    Sounds like the admin. Is more concerned with cost over contamination. I think she's wrong, but I can't speak to it being I haven't worked for an agency as of yet.
  4. by   LPN4life2004
    If I were one of the nurses going to that case I'd quit going there. Not worth the exposure for my company to save a little money. Not to mention a liability if state ever found out.
  5. by   salvadordolly
    I have now gotten the administrator to see the light. We now have VRE, MRSA and c-diff. She is allowing me to follow the proper infection control procedures. I drafted the policy and procedure - no way I want my nurses exposed to this stuff!
  6. by   LPN4life2004
    I'm glad it worked out and she finally listened. Thank you for being a good DON and caring about your nurses. There are too many out there that seem like they don't care anymore.