Interim vs. Gentiva

  1. Considering a change to HH or Hospice. Nurses working for either of these companies, please share your experiences. Any info on companies...positive or negative things experienced or heard? Sorry to be to vague, but do not want to ask a million questions. I guess I will ask questions if needed as replies are received. Thanks!
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    Sorry to be to vague, but do not want to ask a million questions. I guess I will ask questions if needed as replies are received. Thanks!
    Correction: I meant to put too vague or so vague. Sorry, OCD-like tendencies at times. I felt the urge to correct this one. And, I did not want a spelling/grammar nazi reply regarding to vs too. JK!
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    My experience with Gentiva was positive with my first Director of Patient Care Services. When she left, her replacement was nasty toward me as a nurse working for her and to my client. She refused to even return the phone calls of my client, so no wonder that the client took the case to a different agency. My experience with Interim never got that far. After applying for the job and taking all the pre-employment exams, when I called to follow up, the person(s) answering the phone kept stating that they had no idea of who I was, even though they had a folder full of employment papers I had filled out. They had visible obvious HIPAA violations in the office. As you walked out the front door, their lifesize whiteboard listed all kinds of identifying data for their cases, including the client names. After two follow up calls to them, I decided this was not the company I wanted to work for.
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    Only 1 reply, and I have received a private message regarding info on one of the companies. Please, private message me if you do not feel comfy posting publically. And, even if you have not worked for them....ever had a family member or yourself cared for by the company? Experiences? I am searching web and old posts too. Thanks for any input! Just want more info before apply for their open positions.....
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    You also need to keep in mind that any bad or even good experiences can be only a reflection upon the behavior of individual employees at individual offices in certain locations at certain points in time. Unless you are becoming aware of nationwide business practices, you should consider that your mileage may vary.
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    I worked for Gentiva for seven months. The paperwork and case management duties became unbearable as everyone in our office talked of working all night after completing visits during the day. Since they paid by the visit, the pay was irregular. Within the past few months, my office began bringing in a lot of LVNs, which meant that RNs would be relegated to more Start of Care duties only, not the long-term patient interaction that results in relationships. The final effect is not the type of patient-nurse interaction that I wanted from my career.