Inspector/surveyor wants to observe me!!

  1. I'm a home health nurse in Texas. I've been doing home health for a few years. I was just told the surveyor is at the agency and wants to interview a nurse (the agency choose me) and visit two of my patients. The patients are mostly teaching patients and do not receive any skilled services at this time(drains, vacs, IV's dialysis etc). What am I to expect in the interview and the inspector observing my visit??

    Heres what I usually do:
    I go to patients home usually have some type of conversation with them before I start their visit.
    Do a partial head to toe asking questions about different body systems specific to patients disease process. (urination, bowel pattern, dietary intake etc)
    Assess medications (advise of refills, soon to expire medications, ask about different meds if patient understands why they are taking it, and assess compliance)
    Of course measure b/p, glucose temp, weight
    Answer any questions (monitor exacerbation's of known disease processes) and keep track of physician visits

    Some other details
    I was told this is the department of disability and aging.
    I don't know much about specific home health policies and procedures

    Please offer a word of advice
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  3. by   jmn126
    Remember infection control and bag technique,if you have home folders make sure that is up to date, that patient has your 24 hr office number
  4. by   jmn126
    Also remember HIPAA, to keep charts locked in your trunk
  5. by   BNA_Houston
    Thank you so much for responding! What exactly is bag technique
  6. by   BNA_Houston
    Let me rephrase I didn't mean to sound so vague. I know what bag technique is just want to make sure I have all the steps. Drape between your items and patients furniture, clean and sanitize all supplies before going back into the bag. Maintaining a clean field. What am I missing
  7. by   jmn126
    Make sure. U clean ur hands before going into your bag,when u take ur items out of your bag place them on the clean side of ur barrier when done place the, on the opposite side, so put ur bag in the middle of ur barrier, one side clean one side dirty. Clean your hands in between glove changes.
  8. by   jmn126
    They r also looking to see if every med is on the list, so if ur pt is taking it write it on their list, creams powders etc. remember to include OTC like vitamins. MOM
    I have been put with many auditors so i know how u feel.
    Also ,ake sure u are wearing your ID badge
  9. by   Eleven011
    I have had them ride along with me also. They asked the patient if they were told who they could call if they
    had a complaint against us (giving this info is required in our state/agency) Luckily, we give out a folder on every
    admission with this info printed on front.
  10. by   BNA_Houston
    WOW every single detail you all mentioned she observed me for. She said the only thing I did wrong was after I used the b/p machine, I reached inside the bag to get a sanitizing wipe to clean it before returning it. Instead the sanitizing wipes should have been out side the bag! So since she was that particular i'll say I must not have done too bad.
  11. by   RN_Mommy_2_3
    So, I'm very nervous, we just got word that inspectors/surveyors are in town and I'm dreading that they'll pick me to do a ride along :/ I've only worked HH for 6 months and still feel like I have tons to learn so I don't feel prepared to go out with a surveyor! Aaaahhh I'm freaking out!