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Hi everyone. I am a new nursing grad, and I feel very lucky to be accepted for a job at a home healthcare company only days after passing NCLEX. The company is located in Southern California and it has won the Healthcare Elite... Read More

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    In Texas we get paid by the visit, depending what type of visit it is. I made $30,000 in 6 months but I put 10,000 miles on my car. I had to pay for gas, my own phone, my computer and paper to fill out all of the much dreaded paperwork. Plus that was a lot of hours because the paperwork is extensive. I did it for my first job and am glad I did. You get to see and deal with a lot of different cases but 6 months was all I could handle.

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    Bunny99, what did you end up doing?
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    Do you mind saying what area you will be covering? And did you accept the job? I am going through the training this week and starting seeing my own patients next week. I get paid per visit as well, so I am not sure how they came up with such low salary? Or how many patients they have you take?
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    I did the same thing in Phoenix AZ, but got paid $22/hour to start. They had a "new grad" program and you shadowed the existing RN until you were comfortable on your own. You detail that there is training and support so donít worry. In this job you get to have quality time with your patients and that is very rewarding. After 6 months, I got a job in acute care and hated it. Looking to get back into hospice, HH, DDD I now get offered $30-35 \ hour..... in Phoenix.
    I have found that all positions outside the acute care setting advertise benefits, yet when you look at whats offered its a scam. Its a "limited plan": you pay in weekly an extravagant amount and can only claim a maximum of 5 doctors visits a year, nothing else. Thatís it! So basically the company makes money on you.
    If you cant get anything else, as is the norm in this market, take the job and get something on your resume: It is rewarding, you learn a lot, there is support, but your pay is low. After 6 months to a year, move on. HH is the future of nursing, see "hospital at home", the future is not in hospitals. www.hospitalathome.org/
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    I haven't heard about Hospital at Home. Frodo-dog would you like to start a topic about it so others won't miss it?
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    Quote from Geslina
    Congratulations on finding work. Just make sure you know all the details before committing. I am not sure I would take a job right now that said I had to sign on for 2 years, even if I were desperate. How long since you finished school? How long did you search? Have you checked out other options? Nursing homes and psychiatric places often hire new grads, have you looked at those types of jobs?
    I graduated in Dec. I haven't really looked for a job. I am still trying to decide if i should take this job.
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    Quote from St_Claire
    Bunny99, what did you end up doing?
    Hi, today I had my first day at this agency. We were about to sign the contract, but I found they won't pay mileage in the first year. So I didn't sign today.
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    I am still trying to decide. They won't give me mileage in the first year. the salary is 40,000 in the first year. No health insurance, dental. The second year is 50,000, plus $5,000 gas.
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    Quote from Bunny99
    I am still trying to decide. They won't give me mileage in the first year. the salary is 40,000 in the first year. No health insurance, dental. The second year is 50,000, plus $5,000 gas.
    They are taking advantage of you. Check this out: www.salary.com to get accurate salary info. If it were me I would not take that, they are paying you half what they should.

    I wonder if they received that award by keeping their overhead really low.
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    I don't know your financial situation, but if it were me I would not work for this company. Here's the math - Let's say you drive 30 miles/day x 5 days per week. You would put on 600 miles per month without reimbursement. The government rate is 56.5 cents per mile so, you are eating $339.00 per month. In one year that's $4,068.00 which is nothing to sneeze about - you can subtract that from your $40,000 so now you're making $35,932 a year.

    Now, I used 30 miles a day as an example. In reality, it will probably be a lot more and you may really regret working for that company. I generally put on anywhere from 20 miles to over 100 miles in a day.

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