How far do you drive- one way? How far do you drive- one way? | allnurses

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How far do you drive- one way?

  1. 0 My HHA has expanded their territory and I just drove 75 miles one way yesterday. They've expanded in all directions and we don't have territories. I had all Oasis visits yesterday and drove 130 miles.

    How many miles do you drive in a day?
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    I interviewed for a position that I was willing to travel 50 miles for, one way. More than that is pushing it.
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    I went 85 miles in one direction to do a shift, only to have to turn around and go home after one hour because the originally scheduled nurse decided to show up. I decided that I would no longer be so accommodating. My gas tank was dangerously low for me to have been doing that when I had no money for gas. On a regular basis I had a regular case that was 35 miles away. My agency paid me mileage plus a higher hourly rate for that one, because nobody ever wanted to work there. I try to keep my driving to 20 miles in one direction.
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    I work in LA, drive about 20miles give or take. How about everyone else? where do they live?
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    We cover a 30 mile radius. My daily visits range from about 14-30 miles total. Depends if I have more pts in the rural areas or most based in town.
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    My agency covers a very large, mostly rural area. I once drove about 70 miles one-way to cover a shift. The farthest Ive driven on a regular basis was 15 miles one-way.