How can I get a nursing evaluation from current employer?

  1. I have been sorting for this home health company for more than 6months as per-dime. But because i wanted more shifts I recently applied for several other places. I got a phone call from one place. They said they want to interview me, but they also need me to get my nursing evaluation from my current employer otherise they don't interview nurses. I have asked my current employer 3 times and also sent e-mail, requesting a nursing evaluation. I explained why I needed it also. However my current employer have never given me a nursing evaluation yet and therefore I might loose opportunity to have the interview. But I really want to get the job and I had better get an evaluation soon. Is there any way I can get my current employer to write a evaluation? I already asked them four times but it looks like they won't write it. They have just ignored my request. I need some advise.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    I've had employers that won't write evaluations. I don't understand why the prospective employer wants an evaluation instead of an employment reference. Those are done over the phone or sent through the mail and not all employers ignore them.
  4. by   50kn
    thank you caliotter3 for your response. i agree. i want my prospective employer to just call my current employer to do an employment reference over the phone.…j
    i called my current employer (owner) again this morning because the interview is scheduled on friday (today is wednesday) and i need to bring my employer’s evaluation. if i cannot get it by friday the interview will be cancelled. the current employer (owner) said that she would talk to some nurse if she can write an evaluation. when i asked the owner “do you think you can do it?” she said “i don’t know i am not a nurse i need to talk to some nurse.” today is already wednesday and there seems no way i can get the evaluation before friday. so, i will probably lose an opportunity to have the interview. it is sad to hear that my current employer even does not know if they can write a evaluation for me or not.
  5. by   caliotter3
    How hard can it be just to write something generic and par for the course? If this employer was the be all and end all of employers, you would not be seeking other employment. Just goes to show you that you probably should get away from this employer lock, stock, and barrel. They are showing you that they truly do not care about you.
  6. by   tothepointeLVN
    Y'know I came across this the other day with a job lead that was mailed to me by one of the job sites. It was for a flu shot clinic position but they wanted this "Two (2) employer references which must be signed by RN Supervisors or Managers"

    I mean really who needs a flu shot gig so badly they are going to jump through those hoops when the same job for another company requires virtually nothing.