Hospital at Home/Clincally Home. What do you think?

  1. 0 As home care nurses, we always suspected that some patients are better off at home with IV therapy than in the hospital. This new model of patient care (explained at allows this to happen with patients who have easily treatable diseases such as pneumonia, DVT, asthma and cellulitis. The web site explains the process. Check it out and share what you think.
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    Link is
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    I think this is in keeping with the Health Care Reform to move care back into the community and out of the institution. I have very mixed feelings. Maybe it will reduce the number of hospital acquired illness. That said how many times is a patient in hospital for a Dx that fits the "at home criteria" and something unexpected goes wrong. The bedside nurse recognizes the problem and responds. Patient saved. If that same patient were at home would the outcome be the same? I think we need to embrace the change. I am a new grad and looking for my first job. Wonder if this new way of care will make nursing jobs even more scarce.
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    Quote from PrayeRNurse
    Wonder if this new way of care will make nursing jobs even more scarce.
    I think the jobs will be moved into the community. In Michigan, home care agecnies cannot keep up with the demand already. There is a constant shortage of nurses in this specialty.

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