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I have a question for my fellow Nurses, The agency I work for wants me to do insulin injections. I am a New Grad Nurse and I was taught not to do anything without training. Can they get away with not paying me for the hour of... Read More

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    Not being snobby. Pointing out to that poster that there ARE HH agencies that hire new grads. Also, I wasn't the one with the insulin injection question. I DID learn it in school and managed to retain it as well.

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    No need to be snobby. But really, what did you learn in school? Insulin is one of the first thing we learned and did. You check the sugar, find the sliding scale, figure out when they need to eat or if they already did and give the shot or hold as ordered.

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    Wow. YOu have never done an injection? What did you do for your nursing rotations?
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    You are expected to know basic clinical skills like injections but if you have any questions, you can always ask your clinical supervisor about it. They are expected to pay for training/seminars/skill fairs for more difficult things like NPWT (wound vac) or PleurX, but it should take less than 5 minutes to teach even a new grad how to give an insulin injection.
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    Yes basic skills are taught during clinicals. A shame this was not the case for the OP.

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