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I am finding several things that cannot be answered by my management team. I also find there is not enough autonomy with this program. Perhaps it is just my HHA, IDK. So, any HH nurses wish to... Read More

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    our company has been using hchb for 5 months and i am hating it. As a PT I find it tedious and a huge amount of redundancy. my charting time has easily doubled. My scheduling autonomy is almost completely gone or severely impeded. I find myself answering the same question 3-4 different ways and then when i am finished with the template note, my company is making us write a narrative note to say what we did. that to me defeats the purpose of saying this program will streamline your paperwork, instead i am doing twice the work. I hate the sync process. I have worked with a company on a web based program and it is so much easier and user friends. this program is neither user friendly nor intuitive. No love/hate here...just hate.
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    HCHB.....worst documentation software I've ever used. Doesn't shorten your time documenting, adds to it instead.
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    I have used HCHB in the past and now using Kinnser. The thing I miss about HCHB is the Point Care Alert. It's nice to share gate codes and other things