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Hello everyone who works for home health! Please make me understand the following (based on my experience as an admin for a home health): -Sometimes is takes a month or even two months to get... Read More

  1. by   DolceVita
    Mummy1991 This is a bit of an old post you are on from 2010 (an interesting one though) but I am per diem for an agency and they use paper documentation still in 2017. I write it while in the patient's home and consider it part of the visit because it is. We leave one copy there in a confidential file. So it is not really possible to be doing documentation later. I write far slower than I type. The whole thing has been a challenge. I cannot imagine anyone is going to stay on paper for much longer. We do have a secure electronic transfer method for the paper copy we take away from the patient/client's home.
    My real concern is always if I do not have my documentation in ASAP, complete and accurate and something goes wrong, particularly in home care, what are the consequences for that patient?