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home health care reimbursement by private insurance

  1. 0 I am doing a study and wants to how much is the private insurance reimbursement for start of care (SOC) and subsequent visits in home health care setting. Please post the average payment and site some examples.


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    Since most home care RN's have no knowledge of agency reimbursement rates, you need to join Home Health associations or trade magazines who share info regarding commercial insurance payers. Pay rates vary per regional Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) code, service admitting client: SN, PT, ST, etc, overhead costs, labor costs, insurance, type of visit: hourly, shift etc.

    Check out:
    Beacon Health
    Eli Healthcare
    Decision Health

    National Association for Home Care and Hospice
    American Association For Homecare

    Internet search for "Home Health Care Reimbursement"

    Principles of Healthcare Reimbursement - American Health ...

    NY Medicaid: Certified Home Health Agency Rates

    Home Health Care: A More Cost-Effective Approach to Medicaid

    Cost of Home Health Care
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