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  1. 0 I need a little help evaluating a business idea:
    The company that I work for is evaluating building a phone 'nursing notes' system. At or after each home health care visit, the nurse would phone an 800#, respond to appropriate voice prompts about patient and vitals, and then give visit summary. We would recieve and transcribe the info. Nurse could edit via email if she chose. The idea would be to cut down on paperwork for nurse by having her phone in the info. We would use medical transcriptionists to record and review. Would this be a time saver? Would you be receptive to such a system? (No, I'm not selling.We are only evaluating nurse reaction to such a system). If you have thoughts about what would make it work better, I'd sure love to hear. Thanks for your time.
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    I am new to home health however I have dictated reports in the hospital setting and prefer it. It would be much faster to dictate reports rather than filling out foolish forms also I would not have forms to return to the office. It's a good idea.
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    hey, sounds good to me. I've been in home care several yrs and one of the real pains is going to office to turn in paper work after 10hr shift. I can seldom do paper work at pts home when doing visits because its a time the pts wants to talk. Hope it works out, maybe it will filter to this area.
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    Anything to cut down on paperwork and increase the time spent with the patient can only be a plus for all involved. When PPS begins in Oct. all home care nurses are going to havelearn to be patient care coordinators verses actually doing visits. This will decrease visits, but will increase the amount of time used to complete vital documentation of this coordination to maintain quality care. PPS is coming!