Going into HH what to expect as lpn

  1. I've decided to go into HH had an interview the other day and a second one is scheduled for next week. Passed the test with 98% lots of peds questions but they dont do pediatric cases. anyways, i'm so tired of my current employer and all the day to day headaches i put up with just to earn a crappy check. i will stay with the agency just in case it dont work out.

    I want to know what all do lpns do and how many patients you see in a day? what's your schedule like do you set the hours? thanks!
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  3. by   catladynurse
    I am an LPN and I have been doing home health for a year and a half and i love it. as an lpn youll be pretty darn autonomous. the case managers are always RN's(per licensure requirements) i had a case manger who was the freakin bomb, loved here and yelled at her when she told me she gave her notice, but we are still friends. anyway, home care is awasesome but here are some things i have learned, as in nursing in general its alot about personalities and how people get along. also, because your intheir home, your gonna hear everything, my advice, stay out of it. lol your gonna hear the parents talk about sex and money, stay out, go do something, write a note, organize something lol. dont get tooo friendly, its tempting too, but when push comes to shove, alot think of you as hired help and yes its crappy but its just the way it is. make small talk but dont get too personal/. also theyre stress is gonna fly your way, and its just the way it is.

    most agencies will have you do a meet and greet first. also, parents tend to blur the lines and dont really understand nursing even though they think they do, so if they want you to do something that you know you cant dont!!!!

    always cover your ass with your documentation. you dont want some doiuchebag coming behind you and being a rat. so just cover yourself.

    even with its faults i love home care.

    good luck and pmme if you have any questions
  4. by   dblpn
    Thanks catlady. i did go for the second interview didnt get the job...anyways, i was told at the second interview they're gonna start doing peds; that would explain the pediatric questions on the test. this was a complete waste of time since i was not told they were looking for nurses with peds exp. well, i went for another HH interview it looks promising, no peds just adults, good benefits the staff seems nice gave them my resume beforehand so i'm praying to hear something from them soon.