Forms 486 and 487

  1. Can anybody please tell me at what points forms 486 and 487 are used?
    Do we have to use either one of these forms when we get a new order during a certification period? Especially Form 487 bc it has a box for Physician's signature on it.

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  3. by   HmarieD
    486 & 487 are no longer required. I don't even know what a 487 is, and I've been in HH about 8 years, currently working in performance improvement.

    I did work for an agency that continued to use the 486 despite it not being required, basically it was just used as a form to submit summaries on. We did a narrative summary at SOC, RC, and DC on the 486, rather than using a one-page checklist type summary format that most agencies use.
  4. by   caliotter3
    The 486 is titled Medical Update and Patient Information. The 487 is titled Addendum to: Plan of Treatment or Medical Update. I've seen the 487 frequently used as the continuation page of the 485. Have never seen the 486 used. It seems my agencies have only worried about updating the 485 for each certification period. I've never seen an updated one, or the 486, used in between cert periods.