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What was your experience with your first patient ??? Today i had my first patient, i had to do an acue check and administer insulin, i was shaking the entire time, i felt so bad, but the patient told me to relax that i was... Read More

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    To lalalulu, do feel free to post your questions on the forums, too, there is NO dumb question. It's important, for any nurse, especially a new nurse,
    to feel free to ASK. All of us nurses get to things we do NOT know, and it is part of our duty to ASK when we reach that point. Doesn't matter how long one has been a nurse, if we don't know, we have to learn, have to ask, have to get help to know what to do.

    Never ever be afraid to ask or learn the new thing you need to know. Even if it something you feel you "should already know", if you don't know, ask. So long as you do that, you will be safe.
    Feel free to post your questions on the forum somewhere. BEST OF LUCK, and DO hang in there, and this nervous thing does ease on back, in time, it will, promise!!

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    Yes i posted it, thank you so much for ur help ... Being a new nurse sucks lmao !!!
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    My advise is plan your visit ahead of time. Follow your script. Eventually you'll develop your own flow, but at first follow a script.

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