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I was FIRED this week from the Home Health agency that I have only worked for 4 months. I am completely heartbroken as I have NEVER been fired before. It happens that I was hired with a huge... Read More

  1. by   BabaLouRN
    Everybody has their own place where they do fit in. I have looked high and low for the place that does not not nice at all- back-stabbing, brown-nosing, micro-managing type bullies. I have yet to find it. BUT.... I am happy doing home health for the freedom of only having limited time for suits. I am happy to be in control of my schedule and the 1:1 time that I get to spend with my patients. I did not have a problem getting an interview as Home Health is a VERY COMPETITIVE business, I believe the solid background that I had before I moved to Ft Worth is steadfast and true. I was honest about what happened and to this day I feel I was right by standing true that I cannot do a job without being properly oriented. Through this, I have learned that I am a FIELD NURSE I was meant to be with PATIENTS, not NOT not in an office...