favorite LOLs and LOM

  1. I know there are a few threads like this, but thought I would share some quotes of my favorite patients.

    lady 1
    Older lady, new wound in a tough spot. I made an appt for her to see her PCP (for other reasons, in addition to that). The next time I see her she says, Dr randomMD says I have to go see a wound specialist, but I told her that smurfynursey takes good care of me
    me - I'm glad to hear that, but you still have to go!
    fav lol - *pouts*

    Lady 2
    Older than lady 1, while I was getting her vitals
    lol 2 - what are you doing?
    me - counting how many times you breathe
    lol 2 - WHY are you looking at my buzz-oom? (how she said it, say it out loud. It was funny )

    I have more but can't think of them
    What are your favorite LOL/LOM-isms?
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  3. by   84RN
    While doing wound care on 101 yr old lol, she says to me, "Can you hurry it up, I want to be early for happy hour."
  4. by   KittyLovinRN
    Had a 70-something y/o woman tell me about her days doing porn..no lie!!

    Another patient asked if I was married, when I responded yes she said "D@mn! I was hoping to hook you up with my son" Her sister then says "He's getting married in a month, get over it!!" Ha!

    Doing SOC asking 84 y/o patient about her activity level before hip replacement, she states her and husband were quite active before, always out and about. She attempts to get validation from husband, "honey weren't we active??" He pulls down newspaper and says "You mean sexually?? Yes!" LOL!
  5. by   paradiseboundRN
    I was leaning over taking an elderly womans BP. My breast must have accidently brushed against her. She looked up at me and said "You have great breasts". No, she was not confused.