Compliance nurse job for Home care agency

  1. I am considering a part time (8 to 16) hours a week position as a compliance/ supervisory nurse doing in office chart compliance for a home care agency. Their patient base is primarily medicaid population. Their caregivers are primarily home health aids and certified nursing assistants. I may also do some of their assessments and supervisory visits but the plan is to hire another nurse to do that part. I am curious to hear from any other nurses that have done this type of work. I also wonder about my liability given that most of their caregivers are unlicensed.
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  3. by   KateRN1
    I also do this in a PRN capacity and have not had any problems. I go in, assess the patient, sit down and talk to the caregivers about the home health aide, ask if there are services they need that they aren't receiving, etc. The complicane piece involves reviewing the HHA's notes, comparing to the care plan, and making sure that the HHA is documenting only what's on the care plan and not acting outside of scope of practice. It's not a difficult position, but you should still have your own malpractice/liability coverage.