1. To make a long story short family wants to change hours however in order for me to accommodate those hours my commute would be almost 2 hours one way due to traffic. Asked the agency if we could work with these hour changes and they get snippy and said they'll check but these are the new hours. I did leave a case awhile ago cause commuting 3 hours round trip became unbearable. Am I being unreasonable? How far would you commute to work?
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  3. by   RNgirlyAK
    2 hours one way?!? That seems crazy to me. Do you work 12's? So that would mean 12 hours of driving a week. It seems more cost effective with time and gas to find something closer, even if it doesn't pay as well. You could almost use that commute time to work an extra day to make up for any pay differences. The farthest I would commute is 1 hour...and I am hoping to decrease that within the next few months by 15 minutes, at least.
  4. by   brithoover
    I commute 1hr 15min at the very fastest and 2hr 30min in bad traffic one way. Work full time 12 hour shifts
  5. by   KelRN215
    This is for a private duty case? I wouldn't regularly commute 2 hours to any job. I do intermittent visits and, on a bad traffic day, it can take me an hour to an hour and a half to go between patient houses that are not that far apart. On a good day, I can bang out 3 visits in under 2 hours.
  6. by   waiverrn
    I have commuted 2 hours one way for a Baylor position-2 12 hour shifts and paid for 40.
  7. by   JustNursn
    Hi all

    Thanks for the replies. I do 10-12 hr shifts depending on the case. Was able to work it out with the family for which I'm happy. It doesn't matter what agency you go with they will all throw you under the bus and not think twice.