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  1. i shifted to home health from pscyh...had varied specialties but worked in pscyh in hosp for 11 years...i am so overwhelmed with paperworks and medicare oasis and the drive.....what are the equipments to bring in car to be an effective home health? i am currently having trouble getting a job in pscyh hosp facility so i thought of home health bec i have been out of work x2 mos except for odd hosp staffing job with agency that cancels me from left to right...
    1. gps...i bought one at best buy
    2. rolly polly bag
    3. snacks in car
    4. cell phone
    5. paper forms and med supplies
    are there any books out there that can help me...i have to read a lot of threads here. the owners of this family owned home care are billionaires and are non practicing md and wife team. the pay sucks...45 per visit and no pay for paper orientation which is x2 hours on visit pay... since i was new..they assigned me to high crime rate neigborhood that was 25 miles from visit x1 patient only....for 45 bucks plus mileage

    any advice greatly appreciated....
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