Am I wrong here?

  1. Elderly 95 year olds don't regenerate cells! So therefore its not a great idea to drag someone who is 95 out all over the country for a dumb social event.

    Patient broke her hip, and has history of falls. Is it not better to leave her at home? Especially when she doesn't want to go?

    I get so sick of people wanting to push push push, when sometimes its better to stay home reduce your risk of falls, use the wheelchair! Avoid the social hogwash functions. This patient is a very private person, but hates to tell her family no when they invite her to go to social events or outings. Patient also refuses to use a wheelchair in public, I think because she doesnt' want to be seen this way. In her mind she gives the appearance of being a "burden" on others, (its my guess, I don't know for sure why she refuses the wheelchair when out in public).

    Ughh, am I so wrong? I just want to reduce risk of falls and at 95, this patient's number one and only goal is not to go to the nursing home. She wants to remain in her home. This is a lady that quit going to church 8 months ago, who has never missed a day of church in her entire life. It shows that she does see the risks involved and wishes to remain at home instead of going out in public.

    Does any of this make sense to you? I know I'm rambling and have adrenaline flowing through my veins right now. But I could just scream. People just push way too hard.

    If I get to be 95, for Pete's sake leave me in my nice warm cozy home where I'm familiar with my surroundings, DON"T drag me out to social functions where I can fall and that cause me a lot of pain after all the activity for months afterwards.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    I can see staying home most of the time because that is her wish. Four events in four weeks is too much. But one event in six months might not be a bad idea for her to get a change of scenery, but with the wheelchair for support. That is my take on it.
  4. by   AZRNHH
    The way I see it you want to promote your client's physical and emotional health. So, you've got a couple of things to consider: How long ago was the broken hip? What are the doctor/PT recommendations/restrictions based on her current condition? What amount of activity would be the most healthful for her? What are the pros of going out? What are the cons of going out? Then the issue of what the client wants. Identifying what she wants and reasons why. Maybe she would go out if XYZ were in place. I also wonder about those pushing for her to go do so because they think they are helping her? Also, at 95 maybe they feel they want family and friends to see her as much as possible since you never know how much time one has...would be interesting to know what they want and how to compromise. Could get togethers be done at the clinet's home instead? Just some thoughts.