Advice: how to make the most out of your day in HH?

  1. I I have heard good and bad about doing HH FT. I want to know your advice on making the most of my day when I work? What works for you and how do you make the flexibility such a plus for you? As a floor RN I am used to being stuck all day in a hospital building and even though I like the freedom, I feel like I am not making the most of it. How do you guys fit the gym in, maybe school? Or is 3 12s just work better. I do HH Per diem, but seriously considering it FT.
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  3. by   paradiseboundRN
    As much as I like home health, the paperwork bogs you down. I have never found the time for school or the gym while working in home health. But I'm not a very good time manager.
  4. by   jds87
    I think it depends on how many patients you have and the amount of free time before, after and between them. Depending on how you schedule out your day, you can care for your patients and whatever left over time there is, you can judge what extra activities will fit in that time frame.

    I'm not a nurse, but I was a Home Health Aide (HHA), I worked for a company and then went independent. With the company I had between 1-3 patients (referred to as clients) per week, sometimes per day. I also was traveling between cities because they were spread out, so that took time out of my day. Usually I took breaks during that travel time. I also took on another part time job at a restaurant. But, I didn't have free time because I wouldn't have anything to do, if I did. While I was working independently, I only had one patient/client and worked 10-12 hours with her. After working, I would go home to pick up my husband and son, then go window shopping.

    I don't think that my story helps at all, but hopefully you have an idea of what you can do.