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Hello, I am a home health nurse that has been asked to give 5-fu to a patient at home. I have no chemotherapy background. I am from Florida and have no idea if you need to be chemo certified to give this med, and cannot... Read More

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    When I am asked to do something in the home health environment that I am unqualified to do or uncomfortable with, I inform my employer and decline the assignment. Administering chemo at home would fall into that category. Now, if the employer wanted to do what is necessary to make me qualified, that is another story. However, it seems the employers always expect us to wing it, as if we didn't have careers or livelihoods to worry about, much less the poor patients.
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    Yes, you do need to be chemo certified to start or disconnect chemo. Don't let them make you do something that you have not had the proper training for. Let us know how it turns out.
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    I work for a home health company and we do chemo in home but we only hook up to the pump and take it down. We do not mix or program the pump . The pharmacy mixes and programs the pump , we only check for correct settings. And for this reason I am told is why we do not have to be certified.

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