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A good friend and mine, who is an acupuncturist, sent the info on the article. It is worthy of discussion and review here (and besides we need more discussion on this forum! ;)) THE AMAZING... Read More

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    No wonder, I could compare a piece of banana in a Power bar because recently i dont realy eat banana but one time i got a cramping effects on my whole muscles when i climb a mountain, then my friend told me to try eat a peace of banana and after a minutes and so Im able to move my legs and arm again. Do you think its because of the banana why im relieved from cramp or im just hungry.. but i dont think so. In fact i read an article that basketball players eat banana before their game to prevent cramp or injury during the game. So try to eat one and its not bad but for those whose allergic try other food rich in potassium.

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    gotta have one every day

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