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Looking at the master's in Holistic nursing offered at FAU in Florida. Looks amazing. However, after I get it will I just be an overqualified, overeducated, even MORE frustrated floor nurse with tons of awesome knowledge and zero... Read More

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    I've considered pursuing an NP, but there's still no way to apply that degree in a career in complementary, alternative, mind-body-spirit healing methods. Nursing is not an independent field. It's in-between, a no-man's-land, neither this nor that. We're not educated properly to be medical practitioners, but overeducated to be satisfied mindlessly following orders. It COULD be a bridge between disciplines, and offer multiple healing alternatives to those who want more than allopathic medicine offers, if the licensing boards would allow it. But I have no hope that they will.

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    Do not go for a Masters Degree in anything unless you have worked in the field and feel completely satisfied with it. Then and only then should you consider masters degree. We are seeing alot of nurses with advanced degrees who had no idea what it was really about who are trying to transition out. A BSN will get you into the door for most jobs....if you love the heck out of it...then you should start conversation of masters degree and maybe the facility or company your with will pay a portion of it.
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