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Hi, I'm going for my bsn and we have a alternative health nursing class in which we are to do a presentation on magnet therapy. Does anyone know where you could get some printable literature or get a hold of some magnets for... Read More

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    Anecdotal evidence written in a book is still anecdotal evidence. What double blind studies were done and which major, peer reviewed, medical journals were they published in?

    If you need to be a "believer" then we are still talking "woo-woo". No one needs to "believe" in antibiotics for systemic infection or surgery for appendicitis. We have solid proof these treatments work.

    Don't waste our time with pretty theories. Do the rigorous, double blind, studies. Publish the results. After the results clearly prove effectiveness then we can worry about why it works.

    I'd also like some proof of the idea that the north pole of a magnet necessarily carries a negative charge. Static electricity is not the same as magnetism.

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    A lot of researchs in area....try a deep search . Hard to make a scientific study about, with so many variables inside. Talk with an physic scientist before to "fly up to he sky.."
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    Take a look at the September 1990 issue of the Journal of the National Medical Association, Vol. 82, No. 9. "Evolving Perspectives on the Exposure Risks from Magnetic Fields" is the title of the article. Using human lung carcinoma cells, an experiment was performed to verify the effects of magnetic fields on cancer. When placed in close proximity to the North pole of a 3.5 kilogauss magnet, there was a significant decrease in the growth of the cells between 6 and 144 hours. The South pole produced an increase in the growth of the cells. The article states that this confirms the statement by Davis and Rawls that the growth curve of human lung carcinoma cells increases when exposed to South pole magnetic fields. Additional tissue culture investigations using human lung carcinoma cells and mouse embryo fibroblasts again confirmed these findings.

    The article goes on to illuminate the danger that MRI techs face, since at some institutions, there were strong magnetic fields, both South pole and North pole, detected where staff personnel regularly worked. At two locations, the console of the MRI was found to be getting regular exposure to South pole magnetic fields, and so was a bus stop on Flatbush Avenue, in Brooklyn, since it was on the sidewalk just outside the wall where the MRI was located.
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