Herbs and Breastfeeding- any books out there? Herbs and Breastfeeding- any books out there? | allnurses

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Herbs and Breastfeeding- any books out there?

  1. 0 Eventually I want to become IBCLC certified (or if that sounds too redundant, I would like to have that particular seal of approval). I would like to be a lactation nurse (as well as work in L&D/Postpartum) and seeing as how I've become more and more keen on natural medicine and the like I was wondering if anyone could recommend any books on herbs and breastfeeding or herbs and pregnancy. I recall one time seeing either a Davis's or Mosby's herb guide, much like the drug guide I have from nursing school. It listed a ton of herbs and their uses and side effects and interactions with other drugs, and I don't actually recall if it had a pregnancy category, although I suppose it wouldn't because herbs aren't generally FDA tested, right?

    Just putting it out there...
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    IIRC Hale has a lot of info on herbs- it's been years since I have been doing lactation/OB stuff, so I could be wrong. I know there is a PDR for herbs, but I really don't like it.

    You could also check out Susan Weed's Herbs for the Childbearing Year- very NON medical but a good resource for traditional herbal practices.
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    Yes, I imagine Dr. Hale would have some information on the subject. The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto also might have some good resources. I find most of the mainstream drug guides to be too conservative in their guidance on meds/herbs and breastfeeding. Please let us know what you find!