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Hi all! I'm very interested in the holistic side of health but am not sure what career options are out there for me if I pursue the holistic nursing track. Can I be a travel nurse? How does... Read More

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    Very interested
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    Since first posting in May, I have hung out my shingle.

    My first patient was me. I belong to a few B2B Network meeting groups, when everyone saw me 40 pounds lighter and I told them about my new business, two new clients came from the group of 15. From them, I got another 8.

    Because I am more interested in testimonials, when they asked how much I charged and my reply was what it was worth to you...the 8 (3 couples, a mom and a kid), all from the same family, pooled $125. More importantly, I got the testimonials.

    My website is just about finished. If any reading this have a website, it is important to put the towns you serve on your home page. This is for Geo-Local searches.

    Not many nurses have websites for their practices or if they do, the sites are not visible in searches.

    Oh yea, I have already picked up my first patient from the web too. In all, about 20 or so patients so far have come to me.

    And one last thought. One 60's-ish lady I visited this past week owns a natural store, runs, and is a vegetarian. Only thing, she has an A-fib problem that her natural medicine MD could not care for. She had to go on drugs.

    Of course, the progression for this only gets worse (ablation) but until she can find what is causing the problem, the drug companies are keeping her alive.

    Good health to you all.
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    I'm still looking for a way to help people heal themselves, instead of throwing pills at problems. I'm looking at some kind of energy psychology career. A lot of what I read in that field excites me. But I don't see a way to do it within nursing, as the laws of my state now stand, and I don't plan to invest time and money in learning modalities I can't practice legally. I might have to leave nursing to practice my calling. Darn shame.
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    For those wanting holistic career paths, here is some info to add to your arsenal.

    Cardiac Holistic Nursing

    In my never ending quest for answers, I found this all places, an auto parts store. It is a long story about a guy named Bob Butts and CK Auto Parts but it is true.

    It is called, Is Your Cardiologist Killing You? by Sherry A. Rodgers, M.D.

    It outlines many of the lab tests needed and the holistic treatments to manage most of the cardiac conditions that people have to deal with. She indicates all can be treated with out drugs.

    And there are dozens of nursing diagnosis that allow nurses to provide nursing care for cardiac patients which would include dietary considerations to manage those diagnosis. Most importantly, almost all of these patients have a Fluid Volume Deficit, less that body needs.
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