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  1. HI All,
    I would like to network with other Canadian nurses working in the cannabis industry. Anyone out there?
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  3. by   anitalaff
    Hi. I'm not in the industry but I work in the community with clients who use cannabis for medical purposes. Do you have any experience with using cannabis for seizure disorders?
  4. by   tragicallyhip
    No, not yet. I do know that they may need to decrease their seizure meds if taking CBD (cannabidiol) one of the cannabinoids in cannabis. Which of course can be great because they can decrease the side effects of the seizure meds by that decrease. They would have to work with the GP to work with them on the decrease of course. Many patients as you know don't tell their docs they are taking it. Because everyone's endocannabinoid system seems to be unique in the number of receptors. Cannabis is something that needs to be titrated up slowly to avoid over-doing it. CBD is the non-intoxicating cannabinoid and the high CBD formulas are the ones used for example like Charlotte's Web. Where are you located? Back east?
  5. by   dishes
    You might be able to find other healthcare professionals to network with by joining the Canadian consortium for the investigation of cannabinoids and accessing their forum, you can join as an associate member. There are interesting education videos, podcasts and articles publicly available on the website.
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    Thank you!
  7. by   tragicallyhip
    There is the fb page, Canadian Cannabis Nurses Association too.
  8. by   tragicallyhip
    The Canadian Cannabis Nurses Association (CCNA) will be incorporated as a nonprofit in the next two months in time for legalization.
    Mary Lynn Mathre, the founder of the American Cannabis Nurses Association and Patients Out of Time are currently traveling across Canada doing education for nurses and are taking the CCNA message as well.
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    I was at their conference it was excellent. CCNA is about to be incorporated as a nonprofit and will serve as a network, and education platform for Canadian nurses. They also have associate members as consultants from various scholarly backgrounds, physicians, researchers, specialists etc.