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Hi Just wondering if there are any psychic nurses out there and if so do you use this ability to tap into your patients? Thanx :)... Read More

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    I have long considered that I was psych, possibly shamanic. The subjective evidence of the psychic experience is 100% convincing. However we now live in an age of science. Any phenomenon as wide spread as psychic powers should be easily explored by science. But its not. We have detailed biographies of sub atomic particles but can't reliably locate a ghost. All the tons of evidence is annecdotal or subjective. Not worth the paper its written on. This much negative evidence impresses me.

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    psychic...hmmm. When I was adolescent, I was able to lay out five to seven playing cards face down (no peeking)...on the third night (usually), I would get a string of cards in my head just before falling asleep while in bed. I'd get up and write them down on a note pad near my bed, then go to sleep. In the next morning, I'd get up, take my pad, flip over the cards and get guessed...right. Haven't done this for many, many years. I was a kid then, sort of excited me, then got boring. Haven't done it since. Does this count?
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    Quote from Da Monk
    Wow! Psychic RN's. "I'm sorry to tell you this Mr. Smith. I've just had a psychic experience and I saw your death. So, if I were you, I would not plan on making it through your colonoscopy. Make sure to get your affairs in order...No Sir. I'm not crazy! I am a Certified Generalist in Clairvoyant Nursing by the ANCC...You do not understand, Sir. To become certified, we must predict our test score and prove we predicted the demise of at least seven generally healthy patients who arrived at the hospital for usually simple procedures...I'm sorry, Sir, that you feel that way...No! I do not know where Usama bin Laden is hiding...":chuckle :chuckle :chuckle :chuckle :chuckle
    omg!here i was feeling down in the dumps .Son not taking his meds and a wee bit off the rails.Then i read this and laughed so much I now know I have stress incontinence!Thank you so much.You have made this day worthwile.Maybe you have psychic healing I feel soooo damned good.
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    Healing comes in many forms
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    Quote from chelsea32
    Just wondering if there are any psychic nurses out there and if so do you use this ability to tap into your patients?

    Yes, I do and I am confident with her responses.
    My client it multi-handycaped /intellectuallly challenged and no speach but she has a kind of language.
    My psychic gift has been a blessing in my nursing profession bar non.

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