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Ok so after recent events I have read and reread anything I have to sign just to make sure all is as it should be. I have been doing this so much that I'm starting to question myself on everything,... Read More

  1. by   PixieRN1
    I agree with the above posters. As mother of a teen and a ten year old, I just don’t see anything wrong with the forms. They seem pretty basic and standard to me.

    I think, particularly with the field trip one, you need to decide if that is “the hill you want to die on today”. They are covering their rears about non-staff chaperones with that one. Parents aren’t trained staff and are trying to get the point across that crap happens and they can’t hold a parent chaperone to the standards they hold the teachers (because legally, they just can’t).

    If you refuse to sign, you daughter will likely not be permitted to go on any field trips and will be stuck at school doing busy work during those experiences. My husband is a teacher and parents can and do refuse to sign those forms and those children are forced to park it with another class room or with the school counselor all all day. Again, do you want to die on that hill for that? It’s within your rights, but I personally wouldn’t.

    As for the medical form, I’d just sign it. The doctor is gonna require their own ROI, but many schools are turning to drug testing these days and some parents plain old refuse to sign under their belief that Junior would never ever use drugs or claim that such and such kiddo is on a prescription med that caused a hypothetical positive; the only way the school can know is to verify with the MD.

    I personally have zero problem with this. If my kid is using illicit drugs, a) hella yes I want to know, and b) if she popped a positive for her Concerta, of course I’d want them to call her physician so that they can verify her legal prescription and she can avoid unnecessary discipline for something that is legally prescribed. In my book, I’d sign that form without blinking.

    Since you asked opinions, I honestly fail to see anything sinister in either form, personally, and wouldn’t bat an eye at signing either.
  2. by   JenTheSchoolRN
    This is an old thread, but I'll add this.

    As a school nurse, yes, I would like to know what medications your child takes. If I ever need to call EMS for your child, a brief, up to date medical history is awesome to be able to give EMS. A medication your child takes may be relevant to his/her treatment and needed prior to your arrival at school or the hospital. Will I share this with teachers? Nope, unless you give permission and it is something that the teacher really needs to know to be able to educate your child (i.e. asthma or a food allergy requiring an Epi-pen).

    I will also call you prior to calling your child's doctor if I need to contact them - I have a check-off box on my health emergency form (one page back/front) for you to also give me permission to do this and that you can revoke at any time.