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i just saw an article on foxnews.com, and right down at the bottom, it mentioned that something was blah blah required by law...due to it being a hippa requirement. ugh. can't blame them, though, when even registered nurses on... Read More

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    Quote from BabyRN2Be
    It really didn't help when the clinic I was attending had a big poster expousing to get ready for the institution of "HIPPA" complete with dancing hippo. I bet they never get it right there.
    Well, I hope she was wearing a tutu or a bow, because a HIPPA - is the girl. I just read a very informative article that contained a history and timeline of the whole HIPAA thing. It was very useful and used the correct acronym thoughout, but they couldn't resist using this as the accompanying picture ..

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    There was an awesome HIPAA joke on pinterest that I wanted to pin, but it was spelled HIPPA. So disappointing...
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    Quote from nursel56
    Well, I hope she was wearing a tutu or a bow, because a HIPPA - is the girl.
    Hope this is better:
    disney fantasia dance of the hours 3 hippopotamus - YouTube

    I had difficulty on a practicum and spent valuable time on a question where I was asked to "access" something shown in a photo. Took me a while to figure out that the instructor meant to "assess" it.
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    The Portability part also refers to the fact that if you changed jobs, your new employer got a notice that you had had health insurance, and your coverage did not lapse or have a wait time even if the new employer only offers coverage by a different carrier.

    The Accountability part has to do with who will be accountable for maintaining patient privacy regarding private health information (PHI).

    The actual 1996 law never had "Privacy" in its title. The version you learned was someone's assumption because all they think about is the privacy aspect and they had to get it in there.
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    Great Boratz. Now I have to check ours tomorrow
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    Quote from texasmum
    Great Boratz. Now I have to check ours tomorrow
    That's Bortaz the Great...NOT Great Boratz!

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