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I hope you all would not be upset that I created an account but I didnt know where else to get the information that I need (because you all are nurses, I'm assuming you all know this). I am not a nurse but I have a ... Read More

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    I have heard of this being a policy issue. I have heard of this being an issue of professional relationship vs. friendship. If the friendship is based on meeting and getting to know someone on a professional level, then it is perhaps unethical to be outside "friends". However, if you meet someone who happens to be a nurse, then that nurse in turn becomes your health care provider, that is different. Which stinks, as there are lots of patients that I just think are awesome and funny and wonderful and could see becoming fast friends, but it is inappropriate. And it stinks.

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  2. 0, not necessarily unethical, more like conflict of interest.....I mis-spoke.

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