vry anxious and lost out in exit exam

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    i dont know how to write this. I m going on a 3rd chance in exit. i took ati 2 times already now it is either hesi/nln. i m very scared of taking hesi pn. i m very sick by studying n i dont know wht i m dng wrong in this exam. i have 2 more tries then i cannot get my lvn diploma. I m stressed out. Each day is like facing a big mountain. has any body faced any experiences like these. i felt like a defeat and i am an average student .

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    Hesi is hard! My advice is to know your disease basics- s/s specific to that disease, common Meds/tx, and nursing interventions. These tests are made to mimic nckex.. Make sure after you read the question figure out what it is really asking and do process of elimination.. Also if it has to do with nursing interventions you want to pick what should be done first and foremost. Good luck!
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    Hi Snowbee, I tried responding to your email and this site says because I am not an active participant that I can't PM you. Send me your email and I can provide you with some help.

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    Hello Jserrano, I'm taking the exit hesi for the first time in a few weeks. Do you have any suggestions or resources that I should be using? lynnmason01@yahoo.com. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
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    i passed exit . My school gave ati. Now i m on to nclex.

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